Welcome To The 1 Center!


Quite simply to help you help yourself!  

Sound a bit odd in a time where we by habit have learned to rely on so much beyond ourselves.... Some say this is by design and others say not.  Regardless of your opinion on the origin of how we got here, the end result is we tend to give up our power and ultimately our trust in ourselves!  

This is the mission of The 1 Center, to help each of us relearn to trusting ourselves.  To this end, we invite you to join us in our circle with dialogue, events and the community here.   Be the change, be the love!

Sincerely,  Fire Heart Bear
aka  Long Distance Shaman


We are here to help each other and to this end, if there is anything the Center can do to specifically help you please let us know!  You can leave us an email by going here  Contact Us

So where do I start??

Down The Rabbit Hole